Friday, August 23, 2019

[358] The Magic behind "Small Things"

Once I was too small ... I had big hopes about life . Then the loosing era came - I started loosing big things , life was seamlessly difficult to let go the big things .. But I had no option otherthan looking for happiness from little things . Its when I started my blog, my passion for travel , collecting books and helping others without expecting anything in return. Life had less hopes on big things , but happiness was always around 🌿

As JK Rowling said once , I too was in an abusive commitment ten years ago. It was both mental , physical as well as verbal. True that a version of Harry Potter isnt written yet , but then I have learned the lesson of appreciating little things and how big the true happiness they brought to my life .

I had an abusive youth and a childhood, I never wanted to 'keep sake' anything which reminds me those times of tears. So till today , I have a finger countable memories of my past , and uncountable lot of boooks. They were my friends , my mentors and the tiny creatures who made me teleport to an imaginary world of heros, heroines and fairy tales .

🔑 One fine day, a few years ago , an angel appeared , with a backpack full of mementos 'To remember the first day' , and a bunch of red roses 🌹 🌹 . The moment I stood at him , he held my hand , and walked to the nearest bench that he could sit with me . Without even taking a momet to breathe , the backpack got opened and he started giving the gifts one by one.for a moment it reminded me of a magician pulling rabbits from a hat, applause 👏 from audience ... and I was getting more and more surprised. Swiss knives , pendants , card holders , pens , books , chocolates . Revealing each gift looked like a dream comet true to him.. There was an order of his presents. From the least surprised to the most . his magic never seemed to end neither my surprise! . then he reminded me to keep all entrance tickets , chocolate covers , etc etc to make a scrap book of our memories. All seemed new to me , from collecting memories and and treating the little things as keep sakes ! Something was going to happen! Well.. the story would go on and on and on.let me not.. this is how my journey of small things began ❤ I started collecting little things , little corners of mementos , scraps books to collect memories and I knew the life was going to be the life I dreamed of .

So from the day my adorable magician gifted me small things , me and my cat loving magician started building our own little empire , full of mysteries only known to us , making memories only shared among us ... our little nest is now full of "little things" and we cherish them all the time. Im sure magician gives no permission to post a snap of our secret scrapbook, but he was so generous to help me get the pictures of the tiny little items in our fairy garden !

මේ ලිපිත් බලන්න ඔන්න හොඳේ :-)

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